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Socially-Engaged Art and Civic Art Practices
Creative Practices That Transform Communities
Neighboring and Inheritance
Celebrating Our Shared Histories
Baltic Sea Identities
Connecting Communities Across the Baltic
Diversity and Tolerance
Embracing Diversity for a Peaceful Coexistence
Cross-Border Collaborations
Supranational Synergy for a Better World
Cross-Border Collaborati ons
Floating EKA is a community-driven cultural foundation that uses the power of the arts and culture for social change.
”Floating” is at the heart of who we are because the Baltic Sea is a part of our identity.
It symbolises our diversity and openness and how we bring cultures, stories and experiences together.
“Eka”, derived from Sanskrit, means “one”. For us, it signifies unity and uniqueness.
We are a team of unique individuals with diverse migration experiences who come together as one creative family. Each member of our team is distinct, as amber floats in saltwater: it’s composed of individual, diverse pieces that, when united, journey together in the sea.
Sąsiedzi.Сусіди. Суседзі.Соседи
“Neighbours” is an artistic research project where artists from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Russia explored the multifaceted nature of neighbourhood relations through documentary theatre. Four documentary plays created by the teams were presented to the public between February and April 2023.
Сommon Water
“Common Water” is an interdisciplinary art project connecting cultural actors and local communities of waterfront towns Hamburg (Germany), Gdansk and Sopot (Poland) and St. Petersburg (Russia). We research the common cultural identities of people around the Baltic Sea and discuss how to address social, cultural and environmental challenges together.
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Anna Arzamasova
I’m supporting Floating EKA because I find it important to get involved in cool impact-projects when I can. Mine is very much about numbers and precise wording, that is why I really want to be at least slightly related to something very creative and crazy in a good way, something brave and beautiful.
Marty Orfila
In a day and age when compassion, unity, and art are sorely needed among humankind — I'm grateful and inspired to see Floating EKA grow. We live in troubled times every inkling of joy in the voices of our fellow people is an expression of greater times to come. I can't wait to see the good Floating EKA Foundation continues to do in its evolution and mission.
Nina Karmelitow
As an advocate for lifelong learning, I believe we must cherish the value of granting each other access to a broad spectrum of networks. Supporting Floating EKA facilitates the existance of a dynamic and explorative international platform that spurs collaborative creative projects. Mankind is kept alive by cultural acts.
I Inherit What You Lost
Floating EKA invites artists of all mediums to apply
I Inherit What You Lost
Floating EKA invites artists of all mediums to apply
I Inherit What You Lost
Floating EKA invites artists of all mediums to apply
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