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We at Floating EKA value collaborative efforts, tolerance, accessibility, horizontal structure and co-creation, we also believe in a growth mindset and strategic thinking combined with playful creativity.

To develop the creative potential of people, communities, and companies.
We believe that arts contribute to building a sustainable, open-minded and tolerant society and help people to go out of their shells.
Floating EKA is a Cultural Initiatives Foundation.
We launch and support art projects in the Baltic Sea Region and promote the best practices of cultural management.
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Anna Arzamasova Kristina Larina Elena Shubina
Jonas Adenmark Yaroslav Radilov Dina Popova
Filipp Shubin Stanislav Vitko Michael Biggie
Mikhail Rybalkin Kessu Karu Alisa Dendro
Jemima Soutter Lorenzo Reverberi
Grace Poetzinger Anthony Pavie Arina Korenyu
Mandy Strenz Mura Yakerson
Dmitry Zhelezov Georgi Obatnin Leonid Leontev
Olivia Capozzalo Anastasia Gulenko
Sverker Anfält
Marty Orfila Lisa Osmak Bogdan Korol

Polina Shubina
Artistic Director, Board Member
Art program, relations with towns, social media
Polina has worked with international theatre groups as an interpreter, assistant, stage- and project manager. In 2014, she worked with creative department during the Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies in Sochi. Took part in ExpeditionAmerica2016, crossing the North Atlantic ocean on a viking ship.

Olesya Radilova
Development Director, Board Member
Strategy development, win-win collaborations with partners, membership program
Olesya has worked for seven years in international B2B sales. Since 2013, she has been focusing on attracting corporate donors and sponsors for several NGOs in Russia. For three years she worked as Head of Fundraising at Upsala-Circus – a socio-cultural project in Saint-Petersburg.

Woodrow Wiest
Board Member
Since 2008, Woodrow has been sailing on traditional ships as a deckhand on Kalmar Nyckel (USA) and watch leader, rigger and bosun on Swedish Ship Götheborg (Sweden) and L'Hermione (France). In 2016, also took part in ExpeditionAmerica2016 as a watch leader.
Inna Panchkovskaya
Administrative Director
Inna has worked for ten years in an NGO sector in Belarus. For 3 years she has been a CEO of a network of environmental NGOs. Now Inna works in Poland as a psychological consultant with the main focus on migrants and activists.
Noah Harrell
Board Member
Noah Harrell is an actor, puppeteer, designer, director, and teacher hailing from North Carolina. He has worked with Great Small Works, Bread & Puppet Theater, El Teatro Indigena de la Sierra Tarahumara and is co-founder of The Rural Acamedy Theater.
Mikita Makayou
Board Member
Mikita Makayou is a Legal and Tax Advisor with extensive experience in the EU, UK, Belarus and focuses his practice on tax, IPR and corporate law. Mikita also is one of the founders of the first Belarusian national student association, in which he has worked as a reviser for several years.
Sasha Khodot
Graphic design
Kajsa Strand
Animation design
Lorenzo Reverberi
Website creation
Olivia Capozzalo
We are looking for collaborations with media and corporate partners. If you are interested in partnership with Floating EKA, please contact us!

Polina Shubina
+7 921 795 52 38
Olesya Radilova
+7 953 147 77 01
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