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This is your final opportunity to submit your application for the I Inherit What You Lost artistic lab. 🙌

Are you an artist from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, or Russia? Are you keen to explore the "dissonant heritage" that encompasses tangible and intangible remnants of challenging 20th-century times in your city? Does your idea embrace artistic reflection on "dissonant heritage", including buildings, monuments, and urban features with historical links to wars, colonization, persecution, and propaganda?


Grab the chance to come to Poland, develop your creative idea during the 3-day artistic lab, and present your artwork in Szczecin city space! Artists of all disciplines are welcome!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who is eligible?

Artists aged 18 and above working in all disciplines are eligible to apply.

What's Inside "I Inherit What You Lost"?

Artistic Laboratory in Szczecin (end of March 2024):

The core of our project is a 3-day Artistic Laboratory in Szczecin, Poland. This gathering will bring together activists, researchers, opinion leaders, and 10-12 artists from Eastern Partnership countries and Central Asia, selected through an open call.

Virtual Lab (January-February 2024):

Preceding the Artistic Laboratory, we are hosting a Virtual Lab. This online space will feature four engaging webinars with experts exploring research methodologies, fact-checking, and sharing inspiring case studies of successful artistic projects. Following the webinars, selected artists, alongside experts and curators, will collaborate in small groups to generate concepts and sketches for their future artworks.

What costs will be covered during the laboratory?

We cover airfare, accommodation, and meals throughout the lab in Szczecin. Additionally, we provide an invitation from our foundation to support your visa application if required. Please be aware that we do not cover insurance and visa fees, and we do not manage the visa application process on your behalf.
What is the size of the production costs?

We're pleased to offer micro-funding of up to 100 EUR to each artist to cover the production costs. However, it's essential to note that significant production costs are not within the scope of our laboratory coverage.

What is the language of the project?

The primary language of the laboratory is English; nevertheless, some members of our team are proficient in Polish and Russian.