The duo from the North Caucasus
The duo from the North Caucasus is an artistic duo focusing on issues related to the problems of the North Caucasus because they are both representatives (Chechnya and North Ossetia, Russia).
The Duo is focused on exploring the phenomenon of unwritten rules in the North Caucasus, particularly in our native regions of Chechnya and North Ossetia. Their research delves into how these rules shape society itself. It's usually impossible to understand people without knowing the context of their culture. Without this context, some traditions may seem weird and wild to strangers. Rejection of some traditions/customs by «others» can have a negative impact on the preservation of cultural heritage. As in the modern world, the concept of cultural identity has become very fluid and flexible, and at the same time, the flow of information is huge; so it becomes important to involve people from outside (others) in cultural changes. The video is shot in Moscow to bring the local context of artists to the «outside world».

"We are fascinated by the concept of the silent trace in culture and the duality of meanings that's why none of our works gives a straightforward answer."
They are interested in a particular societal position intertwined with cultural duality. Despite originating from the Caucasus, they have spent most of their lives among individuals with a different cultural code, influencing their identities significantly. Under the sway of foreign cultures, their identities gradually diminished. However, current experiences resemble a process of reverse assimilation; they are beginning to recognise their affiliations and strive to reconnect with their roots. These moments entail a reevaluation of self-definition, accompanied by inquiries such as "Who am I," "Who are my ancestors," and "Where is my home and what is it like." Their interest is driven by a longing to reclaim their lost cultural heritage. Subjected to acculturation, national minorities find themselves depleted, risking complete erasure as an ethnic group and becoming part of the past.