Intizor Otaniyozova
Intizor Otaniyozova is an artist based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Intizor's practice at the moment revolves around installations, videos, and site-specific artistic gestures. Text and words are at the core of who she is; it always starts with them but takes different forms depending on what feels like the best option. For the most part of her life, she thought she only had words since no one she knew was connected to the arts. So when it's her everything, she loves words yet hates them too. Art began almost by accident, and it still frightens her that there are things she can't express through words.
The so-called Xinjiang was supposed to be my mom's home, and most likely mine too. But one night, the lights stayed on, all belongings remained, but the family had to flee. I've heard this story too many times to still believe in the possibility of a home for myself. Perhaps it's not needed for everyone, after all?

Home? (2024)
Spring day in Almaty. Uyghur women gathered at a cafe in Sultan-Qorgan
to compete in preparing traditional dishes. It is difficult for the jury because they understand the importance of their mission. Food, dress, dance, language, song — everything needs to be preserved and not forgotten. For collective memory,
it doesn't matter whether the memory actually happened. Let Shakespeare's tragedies be staged in theatres, but in the Qorgan cafe, everyone's heart is already burned. Friendship of people
is an eternal state of limbo.

If atygyan tea is served, it means the end is near.
The world is complex, and it's amazing how a random detail is connected to the economy, ecology, politics, etc., all at the same time. Intizor knows an individual can't change most parts of the current order. However, as an artist, she can play with dominant narratives, turn them upside down, and question, hoping to hear another answer.

Recently, her main topic became Uyghurs. Her ancestors were forced Uyghur migrants from China to Kazakhstan. She started to explore this topic as an attempt to ease the burden of her mom; now, she wonders when her sadness will end. She said to herself she's finishing her big documentary project, then she'll shut up on this matter. Some say by a certain age, you turn into a cynical bitch anyway.
The first rule of friendship of people: culture is manifested through dishes.

The second rule of friendship of people: you must try not to forget these dishes.

The third rule of friendship of people:
it is better not to talk about the friendship of people.

Time and space are distorted within the walls of the Qorgan cafe. No longer reality, but still not fiction. Long live the friendship of people!