1/13 lives and works in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, Russia. He works with public history, difficult heritage and collective memory. 1/13 often refers to the history and culture of the Tatar people. He creates installations, objects and public art based on his own biography or observations.
The sculptural composition of the female bird "Horriyat" stands on a stele in front of the national library in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia). The monument was opened in 1996. Its opening was timed to coincide with the 6th anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Tatarstan. Tatarstan is a part of the Russian Federation. With the collapse of the USSR, Tatarstan became a sovereign republic, because its residents themselves wanted it. They went to rallies, held a referendum, and then Tatarstan adopted a declaration of independence in 1990.

Horriyat is a symbol of freedom and indestructibility, the word "horriyat" has several meanings — freedom, uplift and independence of the spirit. This is the name of the high obelisk of the mother-progenitor of the Universe, the spouse of the celestial deity Tangre, and the heroine of Tatar fairy tales — the bird of fortune, which, casting its shadow on a person, makes him happy.

Kazan Sky
Today, many people are unfamiliar with the meaning behind this symbol. They jokingly explain to their children that this is Batman. And such a legend-joke is spreading more and more. This monument is probably losing its importance as the republic is losing its status.

In his artwork, 1/13 merged the image of Horriyat with a well-known pop culture reference. In the Batman movie, a policeman switched on a flashlight displaying a bat symbol, projecting a large Bat emblem into the sky to signal that he needed assistance.

1/13 replaced the bat sign with a Horriyat silhouette. The flashlight shines on a photo of the Kazan sky, where the monument is located. This is an attempt to return the image of Horriyat to its former meaning and importance. This sculpture and this place have always been a place of power for 1/13. When he needs help, he comes to this place. When a person needs help, they can simply turn on the flashlight.