Hi! We're so excited to announce that our team sets sail again!

This time we will research the cultural identities of people living around the Baltic Sea and discuss how we as a part of the Baltic community can address social, cultural, and environmental challenges together.

We introduce you to Common Water — an interdisciplinary art project connecting cultural actors and local communities of waterfront towns around the Baltic Sea.

Through a series of creative laboratories we’ll find out how the Sea affects people around it, discuss how the attitude to water and coastline has changed with time, and what characteristics, habits, and cultural codes the residents of small waterfront towns have in common.

The first art lab with our incredible Polish partners Goyki 3 Art Inkubator and CUMY will be held on the 3-4 of September!

The project is supported by the German Federal Office and realized in cooperation with a non-profit association THE Hub and a social non-profit activist movement WATERFRONT.

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