Sąsiedzi.Сусіди.Суседзі.Соседи. ARTISTIC RESULTS

It’s hard to believe but Sąsiedzi.Сусіди.Суседзі.Соседи. project is officially finished. Four online premieres have already passed and finally, the e-Zine of the project is ready!

To make it real, the Floating EKA team and four art groups from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia have been working hard the whole year. Moreover, the geography of the project was not limited to those four countries. The project involved people who, for various reasons, ended up in Spain, Germany, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, and Canada. We were united by a common goal — to document the stories of neighbours living in four countries for whom the neighborhood turned into a disaster.

Be sure to follow the link below and watch all of the documentary plays and take a closer look on what stayed behind the scenes!

Speaking of behind-the-scenes: as we were working on the project we shared our progress, struggles, stories, and joys in chat, so it became a kind of online neighborhood to us, sounding in different languages.

We want to thank all the teams for this experience!

And we endlessly appreciate the support of our partners: Ośrodek Teatralny Kana, European Humanities University, Quarteera, and Reforum Space.

The project is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

The e-Zine was created as a part of the post-scholarship activities of the Lane Kirkland Program, administered by the Leaders of Change Foundation and financed by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, and supported by the Maypole Fund.