RE:connect is an interdisciplinary and site-specific art residency for emerging artists, that includes public open-door programs and live performances for local communities of small waterfront towns.
The residency will consist of 3 parts that will be consequently conducted in 3 different towns hosting 10 local artists each.

3 international artists who lead the residency will travel between towns onboard a sailing boat, connecting the locations by water.

Each little residency will consist of daily workshops conducted both by international and local artists. The result of each residency will be a performance presented by all participants.

RE:connect will explore the Theme of Connectivity: in the times when social distancing is on the rise, loneliness has taken the form of an epidemic, borders became visible again and humanity is getting detached from the nature, we want to set off on a journey of exploration and exchange to find some tools to fix those links and connections by means of art.
Spain / Canada
Kerstin Kessu
Oleg Khristolyubsky
David Menes Rodriguez
Sailor, sea cook, anthropologist, costume and prop maker, handicrafter, farmhand, sound art enthusiast, project manager for cultural events and festivals.
Freelance director. Experiments with interaction between actors and the audience, exploring opportunities of game design and combination of new technologies in different theatre forms.
Multidisciplinary artist whose work expands from small cultural projects and street
performance to highly acclaimed theatres, opera and circus arts productions around the world.
Noah Harrell
Polina Shubina
Actor, puppeteer, designer, director, and teacher. Worked with Great Small Works, Bread & Puppet Theater, El Teatro Indigena de la Sierra Tarahumara and is co-founder of The Rural Academy Theater.
Project manager, puppeteer, visual artist and a sailor. Has been working with various international theatre groups as an interpreter, stage manager, assistant and lighting designer.
Local artists will get the chance to exchange ideas with their colleagues from neighboring towns, to get peer-to-peer support and an impulse for inspiration, to set the course for future collaborations.
Connection of the cultural sector in small towns with artists from abroad will help forge a distinct cultural identity of towns.
By empowering local emerging artists the project will positively influence the shape of the town's culture, will help to rethink the modern meaning of small towns.
Engaging town's inhabitants into workshops and creating safe space for joint collaboration will help local emerging artists to find connections and new audiences for their work.
The project #RE:connect will evolve in the following formats:

#RE:search - a project searches ideas for better social contribution by conducting research on the accessibility of art in small towns and its influence on social and urban development. The research results will be used by the project to develop future residencies and will be open to public.

#RE:maps - a digital interactive multimedia project that will be created based on residency findings. It will develop touristic art paths capturing art pieces, local social entrepreneurial brands and art projects around the lake. It will influence local tourism development, will attract diverse audience including younger generation and engage people into a dialogue about the modern value of small towns.

In the future #RE:maps will scale up and other art paths will be developed, capturing art pieces from small towns around the Baltic Sea.

By working in several formats it is possible to connect with different audiences and increase the impact area of the project.