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In exchange for your feedback, we will give you access to a creative workshop
About the Survey
Floating EKA Foundation launches cultural projects in the Baltic Sea region. During COVID we launched a series of virtual workshops to support artists from around the world.

If you have ever participated in online random coffee meetings or virtual bars you could help artists as well.

We invite you to participate in a small survey. It only takes about 10 min.
Participants who complete the survey will get free access to a virtual creative workshop.

About the Workshop
Floating EKA workshops can be joined by people of any background. Participants explore and co-create different forms of art guided by professional artists. The workshop results in a little digital play co-created by random people from around the World!

The idea is quite similar to online random coffee meetings. Participants are divided in groups with random people to chat with while seeping a cup of coffee. It is almost a random coffee meeting, but with a strong creative component.

If you have ever had the experience of online random meetings your opinion is extremely valuable to us.
Together we will make a bigger impact!
Our previous workshop
Nine different people, five countries, two continents, one hour in Zoom, and a wish list during the global pandemic.

What can come out of such a crazy mix? Check it out in the video – the result of our recent creative workshop led by an artist Noah Harrell!
"Breaking Bread and Giving Hugs: A wishlist for 2021" by Noah Harrell
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Floating EKA cultural foundation offers its Patrons a unique experience of participation in virtual art workshops.
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